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Rent Stabilization & Eviction Prevention

Our Rent Stabilization & Eviction Prevention Program is dedicated to providing essential support to low-income transgender and gender nonconforming tenants in the Tenderloin and broader San Francisco. Addressing the economic disparities that contribute to housing insecurity, including higher rates of unemployment and limited job opportunities, this program offers essential assistance to those facing housing insecurity and at-risk of eviction. 


Through this program, eligible individuals will receive a one-time payment to assist in stabilizing them in their current situation,  helping to alleviate immediate financial burdens and prevent displacement. By implementing solutions that prevent evictions and offer financial support with arrears, The Transgender District aims to combat systemic barriers contributing to housing instability,  homelessness and foster a more inclusive and supportive environment. 


Applications for the Rent Stabilization & Eviction Prevention program will be announced soon. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information on how to apply for this service.

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