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Photo credit: Karen Santos Photography

Please Join Us in Welcoming our new
Co-Executive Directors:
Breonna McCree & Carlo Gomez Arteaga

Mcree and Arteaga Announcement. Credit Karen Santos Photography

August 1, 2023

Media Contact: Aria Sa’id, 

The Transgender District Appoints New Co-Executive Directors to Lead Groundbreaking Organization into its Next Chapter

Breonna McCree and Carlo Gomez Arteaga



SAN FRANCISCO – The Board of Directors for the Transgender District has named Breonna McCree and Carlo Gomez Arteaga as the new Co-Executive Directors of The Transgender District, which has been legally recognized as one of the first districts of its kind in the world. The District’s Founder and Executive Director, Aria Sa’id, announced her departure in April 2023 and will exit the organization early August 2023.


“Both McCree and Arteaga hold extensive experience in transgender human rights activism, as well as deep roots in community organizing in the Tenderloin and San Francisco, respectively,” said Diamond Collier,  chair of the Board of Directors for The Transgender District. “As the district nears its seven-year anniversary, we’re excited to see both of them work together and the organization’s staff to advance our continued mission of creating spaces for and by trans people that foster economic and cultural empowerment for our community.”


Founded in 2017 and located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, the Transgender District is a world-renowned social advocacy and cultural district for the local and national transgender community. McCree and Arteaga will oversee the municipal district and the organization, including hallmark programs such as the critically acclaimed Transgender Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, the San Francisco Guaranteed Income for Transgender People pilot program, burgeoning arts and culture programs and many other public service initiatives housed at the district currently. 


“It’s truly an important time for the district;In the midst of national chaos and conservative attacks against and misinformation about transgender people aimed at dehumanizing our existence, the district is fighting and radically creating space for our local community to thrive,” said Aria Sa’id, founder and outgoing president of The Transgender District. “When we started the district nearly seven years ago, we could not have imagined the incredible possibilities that have beautifully transpired. Breonna and Carlo represent so much for our community–a Black trans woman leader and a Latino trans man leader coming together to lead this impactful and historic project for transgender liberation. Their leadership couldn’t be anymore iconic.”


Both McCree and Arteaga have been trailblazers in their careers in social advocacy, each having more than 20 years of experience in social justice. McCree concurrently serves as Director of Community Engagement for the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at the University of California San Francisco. She has led transgender empowerment, and HIV prevention and treatment programs in San Francisco’s Tenderloin for 20 years, including  with organizations such as Walden House Recovery Services, TARC (Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center), Public Health Institute and CAL-PEP. She recently was awarded for her public service by San Francisco Pride as a 2023 Grand Marshal, and received accolades from Mayor London Breed, Senator Scott Weiner and the Bayard Rustin Coalition for her longstanding commitment to transgender empowerment. 


Carlo Gomez Arteaga has been a dedicated community organizer, and most recently served as Development Coordinator for the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Arteaga is the co-founder and facilitator of the first Spanish language support group for Latinx Trans men, Grupo de Apoyo Fénix in the San Francisco East Bay. Arteaga has a B.A. in Political Science & Spanish from DePaul University, and  was a New Voices Fellow through the Academy for Educational Development, funded by the Ford Foundation.


“In these challenging times we need to continue to center our trans and non-binary community,” said Carlo Gomez Arteaga on joining the leadership of the organization. “Since its inception, the Transgender District has built an incredible legacy as a beacon for our rich history, culture, and empowerment. The District is in a unique position - to truly listen, uplift the voices of those most impacted, and help amplify the needs and many contributions of our community. I am humbled and honored to co-lead the Transgender District in its next chapter as we continue to grow the work of those who have come before us.” 


“I am excited to learn from and lead such an incredible organization with an energetic and dedicated team,” said McCree.. “Having the space and position to dream and expand solutions for our most impacted communities, while serving our expansive transgender community in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, is truly an honor.” 

The Transgender District, since its inception, has launched nationally recognized programs. Its famed Transgender Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, which provides aspiring entrepreneurs a boot-camp style training program and a $10,000 seed grant to launch their business, was created to mitigate the level of disenfranchisement transgender job seekers experience when searching for a job. The organization has forayed in short-term  housing subsidies, guaranteed income pilots, and was one of the first LGBT led organizations to launch a mutual aid/cash grant program in March 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting thousands of low-income transgender people nationally. 


The district has long supported transgender and nonbinary artists and cultural workers, launching its annual “Riot Party” as a music festival and artist residency, pairing transgender historical preservation and sustaining transgender and nonbinary performers. In 2021, The Transgender District led the creation of “Transgender History Month”, which was signed by proclamation by Mayor London Breed and is a month-long celebration of Transgender history and the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots. Also in 2021, the district obtained legal landmark recognition from the City and County of San Francisco, deeming the intersection of Turk and Taylor (the site of the riot) as a historic place. 


About The Transgender District: 

Founded by three Black transgender women, The Transgender District is a municipal cultural district for transgender and gender variant people in San Francisco and rooted in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The Transgender District aims to economically and culturally empower transgender people and leads numerous trans empowerment programs, including the nation’s only Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program for trans people, arts and culture programs, and Black transgender empowerment programs. For more information:

The Transgender District, the first legally recognized transgender district in the world,

encompasses six blocks in the southeastern Tenderloin and crosses over Market Street

to include two blocks of 6th Street.

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