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​     The Transgender District’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) are official Ambassadors of the world’s first Transgender Cultural District. The CAC's creation was to implement community leadership and vision on broader neighborhood enrichment efforts such as placemaking, cultural events and more.

     The CAC is comprised of trans and non-binary community members, stakeholders, and service providers. Council members help the Transgender District by providing outreach assistance to community members regarding programming, overseeing and participating in projects, and special events.


     It is with the help of the Council that we will get important and impactful work done. 

     The CAC meets on the fourth Monday of every month.  

Community Advisory Council Applications 2023: We are looking for 8 LGBTQ+ San Francisco community members to join our Council and provide valuable feedback and support to the Transgender District's events and projects.

2022 Community Advisory Council

Kenya Boudreaux

Kenya Boudreaux (she/her)

Kenya Boudreaux is an Embedded Test Engineer at Apple working on software automation and test frameworks within GPU Software. Here she works on the graphics software foundation across all of Apple’s innovative products supporting the frameworks, developer tools, and hardware drivers for the GPU and Display devices. Her work extends to impact all aspects of GPU Software and to work with innovative technologies such as VR, AR, and GPU-accelerated machine learning.


Since joining Apple in 2018, Kenya has worked across multiple Software Engineering teams, including HomeKit, CommApps (FaceTime/iMessage), and GPUSW. Kenya joined Software Engineering after previously working on the Metrics team within Hardware Engineering’s Environmental Technologies, contributing to product lifecycle assessment and manufacturing data analysis.


Outside of work, Kenya is a fierce and distinguished advocate for transgender rights, passing civil rights bills for trans youth in California. Kenya received the Certificate of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2019 and has served as an education policy consultant to the White House with the Biden-Harris administration in 2021. Today, she operates as the Executive Director of The Frances Thompson Education Foundation, a nonprofit supporting Black trans and nonbinary students pursuing post-secondary education in the United States, Jamaica, and Brazil.

Aishani Majumdar

Aishani Majumdar (she/her)

Aishani is a marketeer & business leader in the consumer products/ beauty industry currently working for one of the largest beauty companies in North America. Born in India, raised in Indonesia and having built a life in California, Aishani brings her international and intercultural perspective to LGBT-activism. 


Aishani studied Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley where she navigated her journey through transition and immigration. At UC Berkeley, Aishani competed in a premier business case competition, L'Oreal Brandstorm, where she was awarded a national championship and selected as a global finalist to pitch her business to the global executive team in Paris. Meanwhile, she worked diligently to organize, build and scale a first of its kind organization to professionally develop students towards careers in consumer product industries: Aurum Cosmetics Team with 50+ members and 10+ corporate sponsors annually has now expanded into 5+ campuses nationally. 


Aishani is driven to always step up and be the representation she needed growing up. As she navigated life as an immigrant trans woman of color, she had the opportunity to offer her mentorship as a trans mother to 3 other women as they navigated the arduous journey that lay ahead of them. She continues to mentor and guide them through life, transition and most importantly professional development for economic mobility. At UC Berkeley, she regularly volunteered with the Gender Equity Center and went on to be selected as a Speaker at the 2019 Lavender Graduation. She then had the privilege of serving on the first-established board for an award-winning organization, ParivarBayArea, where she worked on programming to enhance South Asian TGNC visibility. Through the years, she has also been a member at the nation's oldest trans support group at the Pacific Center for Human Growth.

Gabi Orion

Gabi Orion


Gabi Orion is an actor, filmmaker, poet, musician, and educator from Point Reyes Station, CA. Across all media and in the classroom, their work is inspired by the desire to connect. Their film work has premiered at the SF Trans Film Fest and Bush Films, and their poetry has appeared in collections by tenderness lit and Pom Pom Press.


Currently, they can be found playing music around the Bay Area as a member of local rock band For Your Pleasure. They hold a BA in Theatre Arts from Loyola University in New Orleans and are a California Certified Naturalist.

Gabby Burgos-Colón

Gabby Burgos-Colón (they/them)

Gabby Burgos is a non-binary Latinx person from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

They have a decade of experience in strategic communications and marketing.

They are currently based in San Francisco, California where they are pursuing their career as a political strategist. Prior to that, Gabby was a program associate for the Trangender District of San Francisco.


Gabby also worked as a legislative research aide for councilmember

Kristin Gisleson Palmer who represented District C. They pioneered trans

representation in New Orleans’ City Hall as the first person under the trans

umbrella to serve the city council. In addition, they played a key role in

research and advocacy for a resolution passed by the council to make

identification changes for trans and gender non-conforming individuals more

accessible in New Orleans.


Gabby graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Strategic Communications

and a minor in Environmental Studies. They served as a director for the Shawn M.

Donnelley Center, a student-led nonprofit that provides free PR and marketing

services to other non-profit organizations in the Greater New Orleans area. Prior

to that, their career in advocacy and strategic communication began with their

outreach work as a field organizer for the Gulf Restoration Network where they

helped raise awareness about the impact that fossil fuel production has had in the

mass land loss along the Louisiana coast.

Breonna McCree

Breonna McCree


Breonna McCree comes with several years of research experience in providing case management, counseling and direct services to the San Francisco Bay Area's underserved and marginalized communities of color. Breonna has worked on various projects, informing health care providers and communities of the specific mental and sexual health care disparities for underserved communities, especially trans women of color.


Breonna is currently working with the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, providing individual counseling sessions grounded in the models of Health Care Empowerment and Gender Affirming Care.

Marcel Pardo Ariza

Marcel Pardo Ariza (they/them)

Marcel Pardo Ariza is a visual artist and curator who explores the relationship between queer kinship and intergenerational connection through constructed photographs, color sets and site-specific installations. Their work is rooted in close dialogue and collaboration with trans, non-binary and queer friends and peers, most of whom are performers, artists, educators, policymakers, and community organizers. Ariza’s practice celebrates pleasure, care and kink, while pushing against the boundaries of photography.


Their work has recently been exhibited at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; McEvoy Foundations for the Arts; Palo Alto Art Center; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Palm Springs Art Museum; and the Institute of Contemporary Art San José. Ariza is the recipient of the 2021 CAC Established Artists Award; the 2020 San Francisco Artadia Award; 2018-19 Alternative Exposure Grant; 2017 Tosa Studio Award; and a 2015 Murphy & Cadogan Contemporary Art Award. Ariza is a studio member at Minnesota Street Project, and the co-founder of Art Handlxrs*, an organization supporting queer, BIPOC, women, trans and non-binary folks in professional arts industry support roles. They are currently a lecturer at California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University.

Mylo Pendergast

Mylo Pendergast


Mylo was born and raised in Southern California, but moved to San Francisco in 2016 to attend San Francisco State University. He graduated with a B.S. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. Mylo’s ultimate career goal is to open up spaces for queer and transgender children to feel comfortable recreating and playing outside, exploring themselves through community and recreation, and connecting with their natural environment. 


Currently, Mylo is working for a youth education non-profit teaching students within SFUSD about bicycle safety, aiming to empower children to be adventurous and independent. Although a small program, Mylo has implemented various practices to intentionally make space for queer and transgender students. He is proud and grateful to be able to advocate for students and their identities, whilst maintaining a larger goal to introduce inclusive practices to a wider audience within youth education and outdoor recreation.

Veronica Culpepper

Veronica Culpepper (she/her)

Veronica Culpepper moved to San Francisco from San Jose early in 2021. While in San Jose, Veronica sought to strengthen the trans community within Silicon Valley as well as build bridges of understanding  across the valley. She has worked on organizing committees that have produced the Silicon Valley Pride Trans & Friends Rally, as well as the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Veronica has been an active  participant in the National Center for Transgender Equality’s Voices for Equality group. In this capacity, she has regularly participated in panel discussions at local health clinics as well as in Stanford University Gender Studies classes. She has shared her story within the trans community, across LGBTQ+ organizations, and with the community at large. All to create a better understanding of transgender perspectives and issues.

During her 30 years in the semiconductor industry, Veronica worked as a design engineer, a development manager, a product line manager, and a director of product development. It was during this time that she co-founded the local chapter of TIPride and found her voice and her passion for  speaking her truth. She currently teaches yoga classes with friends and math classes at El Camino High School in South San Francisco.

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