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     The Transgender District is excited to exhibit our Visual Storytelling Project! We firmly believe in acknowledging the rich history, resilience, and culture of transgender people in the western world- a culture that birthed and cultivated the gay liberation movement to what it is today. Our hopes are that this project highlights the lives, stories, experiences, and voices of transgender people- from transgender youth to transgender elders, in a way that is humane and celebratory.

     Visual storytelling projects have existed in the past for transgender people, though the focus was primarily from a "cisgender gaze”- e.g., highlighting medical transition or HIV/AIDS. This project is being led, directed and facilitated by transgender people themselves with the hope of showcasing the expansive lives transgender people lead in the world, from all walks of life.

     Our Visual Storytelling Project will feature the stories of 25 transgender people, via singular and panel interviews. These stories will be highlighted through visual media on social media, the internet, and through exhibitions.


     Due to COVID-19, we have had to postpone future recordings. Before the Shelter-in-Place order, we hosted a 2 day gathering. Day 1 participants went through a day-long Storytelling Workshop, preparing them for recording their stories for camera, facilitated by long standing community stakeholder Breonna McCree. Day 2, we filmed the stories of 9 beautifully unique trans people: they got the full experience, catered meals, MUAs, and community building between sessions.

Watch the full videos on our YouTube channel!

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